Mechanisms of DNA recognition by transcription factors

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An ongoing theme in our research has been to understand the structural basis for how diverse proteins recognize DNA in a sequence specific manner. This interest goes back to my post-doctoral work with Steve Harrison, where I determined the structure of the heterdimeric bZIP transcription factor, Fos-Jun or AP1, bound to DNA. In our lab, we have worked on the yeast meiotic regulator, Ndt80, showing that this protein is a member of the Ig-fold family of DNA binding proteins (with other members such as p53 and NF-κB). The high resolution of this structural work enabled us to define mechanisms of sequence specific recognition that are utilized by many other DNA binding proteins. These mechanisms include the recognition of 5’-pyrimidine-p-guanine-3’ steps by arginine residues that involve the unstacking of the DNA.

Figure 1.
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