Control of F plasmid gene expression by a small RNA/RNA chaperone system, FinOP

F plasmids contain a large operon, the tra operon, which encodes all the genes necessary for construction of the pilus and conjugative pore. This operon is activated by a plasmid encoded transcription factor, TraJ, which in turn is regulated by a small antisense RNA, FinP. Intriguingly, FinP by itself is not able to bind and repress its sense partner, traJ mRNA, but requires the action of another plasmid encoded protein, FinO. We demonstrated that FinO acts as an RNA chaperone, destabilizing internal stem-loop structures in FinP and traJ mRNA, and facilitating sense-antisense RNA pairing. Our recent functional and structural studies have uncovered related RNA chaperones, ProQ (in E. coli) and NMB1681 (in N. meningitides), indicating that similar proteins may regulate RNA-based processes in a range of bacterial species.

Figure 1.
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